Citrix Cloud Gateway 2.0 and the new Citrix Receiver!

So, it’s finally here! Citrix released Cloud Gateway 2.0 and Receiver 3.3 for windows (5.6 for IOS) today. Here is a quick first impression. There was a live webinar demoing it. The products are available for download today!

Cloud gateway 2.0

This is a very short summary of some of the new MDX techonogies introduced in CloudGateway 2.0 at the webinar today.

  • MDX Appvault
    • Managed native mobile apps for IOS, Android HTMl5. Deployment and management. Yes, now you can deploy native IOS apps to your users using Citrix Receiver.
  • MDX Web connect
    • A Secure browser within receiver for accessing web apps.
  • MDX Microvpn
    • An application only VPN, isolating traffic from specific apps on a device into the datacenter. As compared to device VPN where all unmanaged apps gets full access to datacenter.
  • MDX Policy Orchestration
    • Controling what user can do on mobile apps. Mobile Application Management without taking over the device (MDM).
  • Sharefile integrated on Cloud Gateway
    • File edit, sync and share files from mobile devices.
    • Role based access control.
    • Remote wipe & lock.
    • Integrated into Citrix Receiver.
    • Active Directory integration
  • Secure native mobile email client coming later this year.

Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.3 - What’s new?

From the citrix edocs:

Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.3 provides the following new features and enhancements.

  • Simplified use for first-time and returning users:
    • Users have just one package choice when installing Receiver for Windows 3.3 from the or your own download site.
    • Users can set up a Receiver account by entering an email address or a server URL. Receiver determines the Access Gateway, StoreFront server, or AppController virtual appliance associated with the email address and then prompts the user to log on and proceed with the installation.

The simplified interface no longer includes a Preferences panel. (Note, you may launch C:Program Files (x86)CitrixReceiverControlPanel.exe manually instead of Preferences menu.)

  • ShareFile integration. When used with Citrix ShareFile Enterprise, Receiver enables users to share and send documents from the Receiver window. Documents are stored in the cloud and synced with Receiver across all devices. The ShareFile Outlook plug-in is installed with Receiver for Windows, enabling users to attach large files to emails from Outlook.
  • Template to create a site-specific download site. For administrators who need more control, Citrix provides a template that you can use to create a download site for Receiver.
  • Automatic updates. For Receivers installed from or your download site, a new update service built in to Receiver automatically handles updates, in most cases silently. Receiver Updater for Windows is needed only if you prefer to use Merchandising Server to distribute Receiver and its updates.
  • Access to SaaS apps from outside the firewall without a VPN. Receiver for Windows 3.3 does not require a VPN connection to access SaaS apps remotely. (Enterprise Web apps published and accessed through CloudGateway still require a VPN connection.)

The PNAgent functionality or Online Plugin Full, or Receiver Enterprise is now listed as “Legacy”. Move on, start using SelfService and storefront.

I noticed that still you can’t upgrade directly from CitrixReceiverEnterprise(PNAgent) to CitrixReceiver(SelfService/Dazzle). I will provide a script for this later!

Storefront 1.2 (Cloud Gateway Express) – What’s new

From Citrix eDocs:

Separate desktop and application views. When both desktops and applications are available from a site, Receiver for Web displays separate desktop and application views with behavior that is tailored to the types of resources being delivered.

Receiver for HTML5 integration. Install Receiver for HTML5 on your StoreFront servers to enable users with compatible browsers to access applications on Receiver for Web sites using Receiver for HTML5.

Streamlined initial configuration. The redesigned StoreFront initial configuration process enables you to create a store complete with a Receiver for Web site and remote access through a single, wizard-driven procedure.

SmartAccess support. For users connecting to StoreFront through Access Gateway Enterprise Edition, you can use SmartAccess to control user access to XenDesktop and XenApp resources on the


Citrix CloudGateway together with new Citrix Receiver is a huge step forward for Citrix, to help IT meet the needs of users, working from many devices and many places at any time. Enabling not just remote applications, but now also native mobile applications and mobile management is important for future IT. Start planning today. Stay tuned on updates about Citrix CloudGateway, Storefront, Receiver and Netscaler on this blog!

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