Citrix PVS - DFS replication configuration script

With PVS 6.x you may use DFS for replicating the image store across multiple PVS servers. Here is a small script which installs and configures a replicated PVS store between 2 PVS servers.

The script has 4 variables:

  • PVSROOT=D: (the root drive where the replicated PVS Store will be created)
  • PVSSERVER1=PVS01 (the name of the first PVS server)
  • PVSSERVER2=PVS02 (the name of the second PVS server)
  • STORENAME=PVSSTORE (the name of the replicated PVS store)

Run the script first on PVS2, then on PVS1!

DFS will be installed, a Folder named D:PVSSTORE created and added to PVS database. DFS replication will be configured between the two servers.

The script:

@echo off

echo ********************************************

echo * PVS 6.1 DFS config script version 1 *

echo * By Magnar Johnsen Firstpoint AS *

echo * *

echo ********************************************





set /p choice=Type option:

PUSHD “%~dp0”

ServerManagerCmd.exe -install FS-DFS-Replication


echo y|cacls %PVSROOT%%STORENAME% /M /G “network service”:F


“C:Program FilesCitrixProvisioning Services ConsoleMCLI.exe” add store -r path=%PVSROOT%%STORENAME% storename=%STORENAME%

dfsradmin RG New /rgname:”PVSREPLICATION” /rgdesc:”Citrix Provisioning Image Replication”

dfsrAdmin RG Set Schedule full /RGName:”PVSREPLICATION”

dfsradmin member new /rgname:”PVSREPLICATION” /memname:%COMPUTERNAME%

dfsradmin member new /rgname:”PVSREPLICATION” /memname:%PVSSERVER2%

dfsradmin conn new /rgname:”PVSREPLICATION” /SendMem:%COMPUTERNAME% /RecvMem:%PVSSERVER2% /ConnEnabled:true /ConnKeywords:”From %COMPUTERNAME% to %PVSSERVER2%”

dfsradmin conn new /rgname:”PVSREPLICATION” /SendMem:%PVSSERVER2% /RecvMem:%COMPUTERNAME% /ConnEnabled:true /ConnKeywords:”From %PVSSERVER2% to %COMPUTERNAME%”

dfsradmin RF New /rgName:”PVSREPLICATION” /RfName:%STORENAME% /RfFileFilter:”~*,*.lok” /RfDirFilter:”WriteCache”

dfsradmin Membership Set /RgName:”PVSREPLICATION” /RfName:%STORENAME% /MemName:%COMPUTERNAME% /LocalPath:%PVSROOT%%STORENAME% /MembershipEnabled:true /StagingPath:%PVSROOT%STAGING /StagingSize:100000 /CDSize:100000 /IsPrimary:true

dfsradmin Membership Set /RgName:”PVSREPLICATION” /RfName:%STORENAME% /MemName:%PVSSERVER2% /LocalPath:%PVSROOT%%STORENAME% /MembershipEnabled:true /StagingPath:%PVSROOT%STAGING /StagingSize:100000 /CDSize:100000 /IsPrimary:false


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