Change Logon remote command line tool

For so long I wanted to be able to run change logon /enable or /disable but on a remote server. I know there are several ways to work around this, but finally I took the time to write a tool for this.


The syntax is exactly the same as change logon, but with the option to specify remote computer name.

The tool is using WMI remoting and you need administrator permissions on the remote computer to use it.

DISCLAIMER! You may use this tool for free, but it’s completely on your own risk, I provide no warranties for it. Always test in test environment first!


3 thoughts on “Change Logon remote command line tool

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  2. Tool is roarsome!

    Works a treat and does what it says on the tin. Surprised Citrix in their wisdom (or lack there of) that this hasn’t been done already - particularly since this bad boy tool can automate the re-enabling and disabling of Citrix servers really effectively without the whole right click method.

    Its especially painful since the original command line tool doesn’t support remote servers. Citrix need to hire you!

    Thanks again… life saver!

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