Fastest way to resize a PVS VHD file using diskpart

Got this from here:

First, if you have subversions of the PVS disk, merge it to a new base and then rename the new vhd, pvp and lok file. Delete the merged version from the PVS console.

Note, this is not a script, manually run each task, be careful to select correct disk and volume!

Select vdisk file="E:storemynew.vhd" 
list vdisk 
expand vdisk maximum=50000 (in megabytes)
attach vdisk 
list disk
list volume 
select volume 7 (volume number from list volume command) 
list volume 
detach vdisk  

Import the new disk in the PVS console.

8 thoughts on “Fastest way to resize a PVS VHD file using diskpart

  1. Hi Thanks for your valuable piece of information and helped me to extend the drive successfully usinging DISKPART. however i am unable to boot the new vhd file on target device and getting “windows failed to start…….. Status: 0*c000000e” error.

    If i map the new vdisk as a drive to the PVS server, yes am able to see full drive and with added size. but unable to boot from target device. any idea how to fox this ?

  2. This diskparted still working? But I can’t mount/open VHD file using ‘select vdisk file’, says that my VHD is invalid or corrupted. I’m using PVS 7.6 and this VHD is fine, I can open and use in PVS without any problem.

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