GPUPerf 2.0 – Realtime GPU and remote protocol counters


This is an updated version of the GPUPerf tool

What is it?

GPUPerf is a small tool that will show you real-time information about GPU and CPU usage and remote protocols like Citrix HDX3D, VMWare PCoIP and Microsoft RemoteFX. It will show you in real-time how much GPU memory and compute power being used, how much bandwidth is used, and how many frames delivered to your endpoint. The tool is really useful for learning about remote graphics and remote protocols.

What’s new?

  1. XenApp multisession is now supported, showing counters from current session only.
  2. HDX Latency is now ICA-RTT
  3. Experimental support for PCoIP and RemoteFX
  4. Remote protocol is auto detected during startup
  5. Added counter for CPU, Memory and IOPS.
  6. Configuration window to change input options:
    1. Turn off AutoDetect and force a specific Protocol
    2. Set poll interval

  7. Configuration window to change output options:
    1. Select if you want polling to start automatically when application starts. Otherwise can be started and stopped from systray menu.
    2. Enable disable real-time counters as overlay text on desktop
    3. Enable CSV file output for all counters
    4. Set color and font size for overlay text
    5. Edit the text displayed as overlay
    6. Set path for CSV output

The CSV Output format is:


Feature matrix


What can I do with the CSV output?

Putting CSV data into excel and you can start learning about how your applications is using the system resources. I’ve been using it to predict vGPU profiles, HDX bandwidth usage, and how CAD and web browsers are using the system resources in VDI environments like this:



In the future

I’m working on a tool to analyze the CSV output. This will make it easier to collect multiple CSV files and analyse it quickly. Here is a sample screenshot from a bandwidth analysis:



Where to get it?

The tool can be downloaded here:


What does it cost and how is it supported?

I created this tool on my own spare time to learn about remote graphics myself. I want to share it with the community for free so that you can also have fun with it. I’m not able to provide support for it, but you are welcome to provide feedback about it in the comment section below.

If you like the tool and want to support the development of it you are welcome to make a donation


I want to thank Thomas Poppelgaard for contributing to the development and testing of this tool. Thomas has unique insight with remote graphics and has taught me a lot of valuable knowledge. Please visit his blog at to learn more.

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