CtxUpdate 2 - A powershell script to download all Citrix updates. Support for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6


Finding and downloading citrix updates is a time consuming process. A while ago I created a simple powershell script to download Citrix hotfixes. This is an updated version of that Continue Reading →

How I increased IOPS 200 times with XenServer and PVS

UPDATED INFO HERE: http://virtexperience.com/2014/03/10/an-update-about-my-experience-with-pvs/ In my previous blogpost I’m describing how the PVS 7.1 new Cache to Ram with overflow to disk does not give you any more IOPS than cache Continue Reading →

PVS 7.1 RAM Cache with overflow to disk


UPDATED INFO HERE: http://virtexperience.com/2014/03/10/an-update-about-my-experience-with-pvs/ I was really excited when I discovered that Citrix Provisioning services 7.1 has an option to store cache in device RAM with overflow to local disk. Previously Continue Reading →

Experience with Hyper-V and PVS 7

UPDATED INFO HERE: http://virtexperience.com/2014/03/10/an-update-about-my-experience-with-pvs/ Everyone trying to use Provisioning Services with hyper-v knows that there is one big issue. Hyper-V does not support PXE boot on synthetic NIC. To work around Continue Reading →

Fastest way to resize a PVS VHD file using diskpart

Got this from here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/danstolts/archive/2011/04/02/how-to-expand-and-extend-to-increase-capacity-on-a-virtual-hard-disk-the-easy-and-fast-way-solve-the-problem-of-out-of-disk-space-on-drive-c-forever.aspx First, if you have subversions of the PVS disk, merge it to a new base and then rename the new vhd, pvp and lok file. Continue Reading →

HyperVPVSFix service – to use Citrix Provisioning on Hyper-V with synthetic NIC

When running Citrix Provisioning devices on Hyper-V, you are limited to use Legacy 100Mbit NIC adapter at boot, even when booting from an ISO file. To be successful with the Continue Reading →

CtxUpdate – a powershell script to download any Citrix updates

Inspired by the AutoCPS update script by http://www.thomaskoetzing.de I created this powershell script to download all hotfixes for Citrix Products by using the hotfix RSS feeds. This scrip does not Continue Reading →