CtxUpdate 2 - A powershell script to download all Citrix updates. Support for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6


Finding and downloading citrix updates is a time consuming process. A while ago I created a simple powershell script to download Citrix hotfixes. This is an updated version of that Continue Reading →

GPUPerf 2.0 – Realtime GPU and remote protocol counters


This is an updated version of the GPUPerf tool http://virtexperience.com/2014/05/12/gpuperf-realtime-gpu-and-hdx-info/ What is it? GPUPerf is a small tool that will show you real-time information about GPU and CPU usage and Continue Reading →

How Nvidia vGPU is sharing compute power and how to monitor and manage it. (updated)


UPDATE 2. SEPTEMBER 2014! I’ve received updated information about this topic from NVidia and Citrix, so this is a completely rewritten blogpost. With Nvidia and Citrix Xenserver vGPU, a GPU Continue Reading →

How I increased IOPS 200 times with XenServer and PVS

UPDATED INFO HERE: http://virtexperience.com/2014/03/10/an-update-about-my-experience-with-pvs/ In my previous blogpost I’m describing how the PVS 7.1 new Cache to Ram with overflow to disk does not give you any more IOPS than cache Continue Reading →

Experience with Hyper-V and PVS 7

UPDATED INFO HERE: http://virtexperience.com/2014/03/10/an-update-about-my-experience-with-pvs/ Everyone trying to use Provisioning Services with hyper-v knows that there is one big issue. Hyper-V does not support PXE boot on synthetic NIC. To work around Continue Reading →