CtxUpdate 2 - A powershell script to download all Citrix updates. Support for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6


Finding and downloading citrix updates is a time consuming process. A while ago I created a simple powershell script to download Citrix hotfixes. This is an updated version of that Continue Reading →

CtxUpdate – a powershell script to download any Citrix updates

Inspired by the AutoCPS update script by http://www.thomaskoetzing.de I created this powershell script to download all hotfixes for Citrix Products by using the hotfix RSS feeds. This scrip does not Continue Reading →

PVS and XenServer Device Creation Script Version 2

Download This is an updated version of this script:http://virtexperience.com/2012/07/30/citrix-provisioning-device-creation-script/ This script is designed to simplify installation of new XenApp machines in Citrix Provisioning environment. The script will: (NEW) Create any Continue Reading →