This is a simple tool I developed in visual studio, which pulls information from NVidia and Citrix WMI counters. To use this tool you must have NVidia and HDX WMI counters installed. It’s designed to work with XenDesktop 7.x and NVidia Grid/Quadro

The tool will these show real-time counters, updated every 1 second:

  • HDX Latency
  • HDX Input session bandwidth
  • HDX Output session bandwidth
  • GPU Computing usage
  • GPU Memory
  • GPU Temp
  • GPU Power

Combined with fraps you will be able to compare the app GPU FPS with HDX FPS.

This tool will not work with vGPU, only for physical GPU or GPU passthough.

Server hosted machines (XenApp) is not working properly with this version of GPUPerf.

DISCLAIMER: This tool is completly unsupported, the use of this tool is on your own risk. The data is based on what Nvidia and Citrix wmi counters provide, I’m not responsible for the validity of the data provided by this tool.